The combination of barns and loose boxes gives us the flexibility to find what suits each horse best. Our loose boxes are spacious and airy with large windows that can be opened for the horses to enjoy the extra fresh air and rubber matting for improved comfort and safety.

The large, spacious barns are made using Yorkshire boarding to allow plenty of natural daylight and ventilation at all times of the year with the majority of boxes also being fitted with rubber matting. The barns allow for horses that prefer the socialisation of other horses around them.

Stables Photo


The gallops are one of the key requirements in a training yard and at Helshaw Grange there are three private gallops available on site, a 6 1/2 furlong uphill wood chip gallop, a 3 furlong round sand gallop and a 3 furlong grass strip.

The luxury of having our own private gallops means that the environment remains calm and relaxed as we don’t have to share the gallops and we have the flexibility to do whatever is required with each individual horse.

The privacy of Helshaw Grange also allows for numerous horse walks within the safety of the estate without the need to use public roads, for the days when we want to do something a little bit different with the horses.


The ability to turn our horses out every day is definitely one of the most significant factors to our training regime. Racehorses are still horses at the end of the day and they need to be treated that way.

Helshaw Grange is set in a peaceful, rural estate meaning extensive turnout paddocks are available and used daily. Horses are turned out in pairs so that they have the opportunity to socialise whilst in a safe and secure environment.


We have one large 14 horse walker and a small 5 horse walker which are used for warm up, cool down and light exercise when necessary for horses that are recovering from injury. The large 14 horse walker is ideal for horses recovering from injury when walking on a tighter circle would cause too much strain on their injury. Both walkers are outdoor with the 14 horse walker covered, meaning that the horses can get out and be exercised even in the most extreme weather conditions.


Training hurdles are used in the outdoor arena before the horse’s progress to the larger obstacles on the grass schooling strip out in the open.


The indoor lunge ring is an ideal area for backing and educating young horses and for developing base fitness in horses coming back in to training after a long break. It is a safe and quiet space for both horse and rider and is undercover meaning work can continue whatever the weather.


The large outdoor arena is an invaluable area for educating young horses after they’ve been backed in the lunge ring before heading out on to the gallops. It is also perfect for schooling horses as they start their jumping careers, teaching them how to jump over small poles before progressing on to the training hurdles and then venturing out on to the grass schooling strip.


The yard uses Marlborough 3.5T horseboxes which are built & designed to our own specification, ensuring maximum comfort and safety for the horses whilst in transit.


There is a vast amount of onsite accommodation with both Dave and Sarah and the majority of staff living onsite, creating a safe and secure environment and meaning no one is ever far away in an emergency.