Many people often think that owning a Racehorse is an expensive hobby, but here at Dave Loughnane Racing we try to make racing accessible to everyone. There are lots of different types of Ownership options available, which can enable everyone to get involved in owning a racehorse at a price to suit your pocket.

You will be the sole owner of the horse and will become a registered owner with Weatherbys. You will have regular contact with Dave and a say in the decisions made regarding your horse. All costs and profits will be yours alone.

Joint Ownership can involve between 2 and 12 people, all of whom must be registered owners, with the percentage owned by each individual registered.

Between 2 and 20 individuals can form a Racing Partnership. It is a good way for a larger group to get involved in racing and only two partners need to be registered as owners.

There are a number of benefits to be gained from Company Ownership. Not only is it a way to promote your business – you might be able to name your horse after your company and use it as a form of advertising - you can even entertain clients.

If you do not want to purchase a horse outright, a lease agreement would be an option for a fixed period or even just one race. All costs are paid by the lessee for the lease period, in whose name and colours the horse will run. You would receive all prize money won, but at the end of the lease agreement the horse returns to the legal owner.

Alternatively, you could join a racing club or syndicate. We can usually help to get you involved in an existing syndicate or racing club, or can create a new one for a group of people who want to get involved in a joint venture together.

Whether you become a sole owner or a member of a syndicate, we will do our best to make sure that you enjoy your time racing with us. Every one of our owners is considered to be a part of our team and plays a vital role in our success. Whatever your personal requirements are, please give us a call or drop in and we will discuss the most suitable options for you.
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